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So, why are you HERE again....Come on, admit it! You've been down this road before!

Is exhaustion or body pain stopping you from spending quality time with your kids or making it hard to do a whole lot of daily activities?

…or is it that horrible feeling you experience when you struggle to button your pants or fit into your favorite clothes?

…maybe it's the reflection in the mirror — that screams at you —and makes you feel depressed, hopeless or angry?

…or perhaps you are one of the millions of women who make a commitment to finally lose weight, but know deep down that you will fail to stick to it?
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You'll be less flabby; you'll look fit, fabulous and healthy because your problem areas won't be a problem anymore.
Hey there, I’m Kim! 

And I've helped 2397 women transform their lives and bodies...

Collectively losing tons of pounds and I'm here to help you! 

I'm a mom, wife, and after having my baby, 
I gained over 75 pounds! 

But the thing about me is...

I didn't set out on my weight loss journey to become this fitness pro!

I simply needed an outlet.

Both my parents passed away, I was grieving their loss...
and experiencing major postpartum!.

I had tried everything!
Every diet, and hottest new cleanse! 

I had adrenal fatigue, I was tired, depressed, and fat! 

Until I realized something!
This ONE THING that changed everything for me! 

I DECIDED, I had enough and I dove in. 

I studied everything I could and 
I committed and made the changes.

It wasn't easy...
because EVERYTHING I found was either too expensive 
or required me to...

I didn't want to that! 
Those fitness gurus made it look so easy!
And I knew it wasn't!

Thank goodness, I documented everything I was doing because it WORKED! 

I found a REAL way to lose weight without, expensive supplements, and yo-yo dieting.

Others took notice and my 11 JUMP START Plan was born.
AND I want to share it with YOU!

Losing weight doesn't have to be a mystery!
There's no secrets...
You just need a simple, realistic plan to help you!

I'm excited to introduce you to MY 11 DAY JUMP START!
I wish you success & best wishes, and I can't wait to hear about your results!
Kimberly D.
Don't Just Take My Word For It...

"Initially I just wanted to fit into my wedding dress, but after implementing Kim's 11 Day Jump Start, it was so easy, I've kept on doing it!"

"I needed to JUMP START but I was scared I'd have to lock myself in a room for 11 days, Kim's program was so simple and easy and now I feel so strong and confident!"

"I was so busy with life, I was neglecting myself, I was SURPRISED by how fun Kim's program was, never did I feel hungry or deprived!"

Here’s what you’ll receive when you say, YES today!
New Year Special ONLY $37! 

Inside This Action Packed Guide:
  • The Complete 11 Day Jump Start Program
  • How To Banish Cellulite Once & For All
  • My Suggested Meals To Burn Fat Fast 
  • Everything You Need Recipe Guide
  • The "Done For You" Ultimate Shopping List
  • Your Motivational Food Diary 

"This program has encouraged me to keep going. I have lost over 40lbs and its been simple, fun and easy. Thank you so much!"  Besty

"I not only found that person in Kim but we have become great friends, the workouts are simple and keep you motivated. I love that you only need 11 days to jumpstart this new life and less than 30 minutes a day to live this lifestyle."

Inside This Action Packed Guide:
  • The Best Ways To Detox Your Facebook 
  • A Simple Guide To Removing Negative People
  • Create Your Vision Board To Finally Manifest What You            Really Want
  • My Secrets To Drawing Your Way To Blissful Fulfillment
BONUS: My “Clean Gut Guide”

"Kimberly's program is so motivating! Her workouts and meals are different every time-which is great because it keeps you guessing and keeps you going!! the program had been so motivating and simple! It is just what I needed in my everyday life ! Thank you!" Mary E.

"I have take a few of Kimberly’s programs throughout the years , Mom body and stroll is an awesome was to get in shape after you have a baby! & Kristen and I have also had huge success with her Leap program, and her half marathon training programs are AMAZING. The thing I liked the most is that Kim caters to all levels. I also really like that she ways tried the exercises so it was never boring!" Liz B.

"My experience working with Kim Darcy & training programs has been excellent. She makes it so easy and uses simple and easy to follow and my results have been sustainable and I feel incredible. She gives you everything you need to tack your progress and it pushes us to accomplish our goals. I would highly recommend her programs to anyone interested in improving their lifestyle and becoming stronger." Darleen G.

What This All Boils Down To is This…
I've seen personal one-on-one programs like this go for $3,000.00 and up. Heck, even at that fee it would be a tremendous value because you are receiving all of my years of secrets and a proven system that gives you everything you need in order to burn fat fast. However, a $3,000 price tag would put this opportunity beyond the reach of most people who could benefit from losing weight. So I've decided to set this up so that the investment is a sliver of that amount, and your entire investment goes right back to you.

Today, you can join me for the next 11 days to lose that stubborn fat, get my step-by-step guide to detox your body, the effective workouts, the done-for-you meal plans, my coveted shopping list of fat burning ingredients, for only a $37 one-time investment today (while spots are still available).

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Would You Want To Learn More?....Of Course You Would! (Silly question)
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The Complete Program Includes:
  • The Complete 30 Day Fat Burning Program
  •  30 Days of Done For You Workouts &                              Stretching
  •  The Easiest Shopping Check List
  •  30 Days of Delicious Healthy Recipes
  •  30 Days of Perfect Menu's
  •  30 Days of The Ultimate Food Guide

"Proof in the pictures. I started with the 11 day jumpstart and 4 weeks later I completed the program. I feel amazing and a year later I am keeping it off.. thanks!!" Anna L.

"After 11 days I felt amazing. 6lbs of inflammation was gone. I have so much energy back, sleeping so good and feeling fantastic. I quickly jumped on the full program for an easier way of life. This is a simple way of living an incredible healthy lifestyle." 

For Only An Added $30 
The Complete Program Includes:
  • The Complete 30 Day Fat Burning Program
  •  30 Days of Done For You Workouts &                              Stretching 
  •  The Easiest Shopping Check List 
  •  30 Days of Delicious Healthy Recipes
  •  30 Days of Perfect Menu's 
  •  30 Days of The Ultimate Food Guide 

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